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Heavy Fuel Oil Generators, Light Diesel Oil, Furnace Oil, Bunker Oil and other Categories. We provide complete Furnace oil Power Plants ranging from 1 MW to 10 MW. 1 MW Wartsila Furnace Oil Generator, 2 MW Wartsila Furnace Oil Generator, 3 MW Wartsila Furnace Oil Generator, 4 MW Wartsila Furnace Oil Generator, 5 MW Wartsila Furnace Oil Generator, 6 MW Wartsila Furnace Oil Generator. Wartsila spares parts ready on stock, Spare parts like as Cylinder head, Cylinder liner, Gudgeon pin, Gudgeon pin bearing bush, Crankcase cover, Piston, Cylinder head waisted stud, Nozzle main, Nozzle pilot, Engine block, Charge air cooler, Connecting rod, Fuel injection pump, Crankshaft, Fuel feed pump, Lubricating oil pump, Pre-lubricating pump, HT-water pump, Camshaft part, Inlet valve spindle, Valve spindle, Exhaust valve spindle, Piston crown, Piston skirt, Big end bearing, Big end bearing marine head, Pump element, Starting valve for marine and stationary diesel engines. We also provide complete overhauling services, parts, installation services, Cooling tower provision and installation and regular operation contracts. Our brands include Mitsubishi, Nigata, Wartsila, Rolls Royce, Deutz, Sulzer, MAN, Hyndai, etc.
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6250 kVA Wartsila Used Furnace Oil Generator for Sale




6250 kVA Wartsila Furnace Oil

Wartsila Used Furnace Oil Generator

1995 Model

5000 kW

5 MW

Rs 4,50,00,000/-




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