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Your Best source to Buy Furnace Oil Generators and Light Diesel Generator in Pakistan - - In Lahore, we offer 1000 kva wartsila heavy fuel generator, 1.5 mw cummins heavy fuel generator, 1.8 mw deutz heavy fuel generator, 2.5 mw nigata heavy fuel generator, 4 mw mitsubishi heavy fuel generator, 2 mw sulzer heavy fuel generator, 6 mw man heavy fuel generator and many other rated and branded generators - - Sale, Purchase, Exchange, Repairing, Overhauling, Annual Maintenance Contract, Diesel to Gas Conversion, Diesel plus Gas Dual Fuel Kit, Supply of Parts and all other Services related to hfo heavy fuel oil generators, Steam Turbines and other equipment, are provided in Lahore, karachi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Multan, Peshawar, Sialkot and all other major cities of Pakistan - - Refurbished, Up-Graded and OverHauled Generators - - Diesel Generators ranging from 10 kVA to 550 kVA and Gas Generators ranging from 10 kVA to 150 kVA - - Used Generators of all ratings - - We also provide services related to power generation equipment in Pakistan. We focus on Steam turbines driven by natural gas, HFO heavy furnace oil, bagasse and all forms of waste. We can allocate Used Power Plants around the globe for Import to Pakistan, can Install with complete Erection Commissioning experties and can advise most economic feasibility regarding power plant development in Pakistan
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فرنس آئل جنریٹر اور لائٹ ڈیزل جنریٹر
(استعمال شدہ)
سپلائی ، انسٹالیشن ، اپ گریڈنگ ، اوورہالنگ وغیرہ


375 kVA

ڈائی ہاٹسو فرنس آئل جنریڑ
Used Imported, Furnace Oil Generator

Accessories, installation, commissioning,
operation services available at additonal Cost


Rs /-


800 kVA

سلزر فرنس آئل جنریٹر
Used Furnace Oil Generator,
Installed and in Operation


Rs /-


1000 kVA

وارٹسلا جنریٹر
Wartsila 8-Cylinder
Used Heavy Fuel Oil Generator


Rs /-


2000 KVA MAN 9L21/31
Used HFO Generator




2750 KVA ڈیوٹز فرنس آئل جنریٹر
Used Generator
in Furnace Oil Format


Rs /-


6250 kVA

مٹسوبشی فرنس آئل جنریٹر
Mitsubishi 18-Cylinder
Used Heavy Fuel Oil Generator


Rs /-


8437 kVA

وارٹسلا فرنس آئل جنریٹر
Wartsila 18V32E
Furnace Oil Generator


Rs /-





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پاکستان میں انڈسٹری اور ہاوسنگ سوسائٹیز وغیرہ کے لئے گرمیوں میں لوڈ شیڈنگ سے بچاو کا بہترین حل فرنس آئل جنریٹرز ہیں ۔ یہ جنریٹرز چونکہ استعمال شدہ دستیاب ہیں اس لئے انکی قیمتیں بھی ڈیزل جنریٹرز کے مقابلے میں کم ہوتی ہیں اور مضبوط ساخت کی وجہ سے ان پر اعتماد بھی ذیادہ کیا جا سکتا ہے ۔

فرنس آئل جنریٹرز سے بننے والی بجلی ڈیزل جنریٹر کے مقابلے میں دس روپے تک سستی ہو سکتی ہے ۔




Due to a steady increase of diesel prices in Pakistan, the diesel generators cost a lot these days. This kind of expense is not feasible for regular production what ever the industry might be. Even domestic users can't afford the electricity generated by diesel generators.

Natural Gas Generators are much better, however, Government discourages power generation through natural gas due to the fact that gas resources in Pakistan are limited.

So, Allah kareem has guided us to utilize this old technology in a new manner.

Heavy fuel is less costly, easily available and can be utilized for prime purposes. Heavy fuel generators are mostly slow speed (less than 1500 RPM) and are heavily built . The disadvantage is that these generators are most often above 1 MW and can't be used in small industries..

There are so many advantages:

- Unit cost is less than diesel,

- Can be used for prime purposes,

- Prices are less than diesel generators,

- Less maintenance,





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