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Your Best source to Buy Dual Fuel Kit for Diesel Generators in Lahore, Pakistan. We offer in Lahore and other cities of Pakistan, Dual fuel kit, bi-fuel kit, diesel + gas mix fuel kit for diesel generators ranging from 10 kVA to 1000 kVA and above. Most of installed parts in our kits are imported from Italy and Germany in used formats. We handle diesel generator through installation of sensors and safeties before installation of dual fuel kit so that the generator should be operated smoothly. The electronics installed with our kit enables the generator to monitor itself -
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The Dual Fuel Kit is installed in Diesel Generators for mix fuel operation, i.e., Diesel + Natural Gas.

Our customized kit enables the Generator to utilize 50% of Natural Gas and 50% of Diesel Fuel. This provides a major reductin in running expenses.

The Dual Fuel Kit can be installed in all ratings, however, 100 kVA and above ratings are most suitable for this purpose.

Price List for Dual Fuel Kits
10 kVA to 90 kVA
Rs 60,000/-
100 kVA to 190 kVA
Rs 1,50,000/-
200 kVA to 450 kVA
Rs 2,50,000/-
500 kv & above
Rs 4,00,000/-

- Visit charges are not included.
- Genset shall be monitored before installation of kit.
- These are just estimated prices. Actual expense shall be forwarded after genset inspection.




No major engine modifications required

. No efficiency losses

. Low cost and easy to install

. Reduces running costs

. E xtends life-time of standby engines

. Lowers emissions

. Does not require high-pressuregas supply

. Allows use of interruptible gas

. State-of-the-art controls and monitoring



- Gas Inlet System

- Gas Filters

- Gas Regulators

- Solenoid Valves

- Mechanical Valves

- Air-Gas Mixer System

- Safety System

- Engine Input System

- Module

- Controller



- Knocking Sensor

- Exhaust Temperature Sensor

- Water Temperature Sensor

- Oil Temperature Sensor

- RPM Sensor



- Safety Card

- Safety Switches

- Smoke Detector


- Actuator

- Demand Regulator

- Current Transformers

-Hardware Wiring, etc.



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