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We provide services for generator repairing, generator overhauling, generator parts supply, generator tests and services and generator transportation and handling. Our generator overhauling experties range from 10 kW to 10 MW diesel, gas and furnace oil generators. Our top overhauling services include valves machining, valves grinding, valves seats machining, valves guides machining, generator engine head surface grinding, facing, generator engine head machining, generator engine tappet adjustment, generator engine top-end machining and generator head assembly. Our Generator Major Overhauling includes generato engine Block Facing, generator engine Block Machining, generator engine Camshaft Machining, generator engine Sleeve Liners Machining, generator engine Sleeve Liners Replacement, generator engine Pistons Machining, generator engine Pistons Replacement, generator engine Pistons Rings Replacement, generator engine Rings Installation, generator engine Connecting Rods Machining, generator engine Main Line Boring, generator engine Crankshaft Machining and generator engine misc. items. Our generator General Overhauling services include Governor Refurbishing for diesel gas and hfo generators, generator engine Fly Wheel Repairing, generator Re-Coupling, generator Diesel Supply System including supply pipe lines, diesel pump and nozzles, generator Lubrication System, generator Water Circulation System including hose pipes, water body and radiator, generator Radiator repairing, generator Base Frame Repairing, generator canopy fabrication, generator Turbocharger Repairing, generator Intercooler Repairing, generator aftercooler repairing, generator Oil Cooler Repairing and generator Silencer Repairing. Items included in overhauing related to Electric & Electronics are generator Alternator Stator Winding, generator Alternator Rotor Winding, generator AVR Replacement, generator Breakers Replacement, generator Panel Meters repairing and replacement, generator safety Module Installation, generator input and output Sensors Replacement, generator Self Starter Repairing, generator Battery Charger Repairing, generator AC Wiring, generator DC Wiring and generator Actuator and Card Repairing.
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We provide services in:

Generator Top Overhauling


Head Facing
Valves Guides
Head Machining
Valves Grinding
Head Assembly
Nozzles Calibration
Valves Seats
Tappets Adjustment


Generator Major Overhauling


Block Facing
Sleeve Liners Replacement
Rings Installation
Block Machining
Pistons Machining
Connecting Rods Machining
Camshaft Machining
Pistons Replacement
Main Line Boring
Sleeve Liners Machining
Pistons Rings Replacement
Crankshaft Machining


General Overhauling Misc.


Governor Refurbishing
Lubrication System
Turbocharger Repairing
Fly Wheel Repairing
Water Circulation System
Intercooler Repairing
Radiator Service
Oil Cooler Repairing
Diesel Supply System
Base Frame Repairing
Silencer Repairing


Electric & Electronics


Alternator Stator Winding
Panel Meters
Battery Charger Repairing
Alternator Rotor Winding
Module Installation
AC Wiring
AVR Replacement
I/O Sensors Replacement
DC Wiring
Breakers Replacement
Self Starter Repairing
Actuator/Card Repairing







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