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We provide services related to power generation equipment in Pakistan. We focus on Steam turbines driven by natural gas, HFO heavy furnace oil, bagasse and all forms of waste. We can allocate Used Power Plants around the globe for Import to Pakistan, can Install with complete Erection Commissioning experties and can advise most economic feasibility regarding power plant development in Pakistan. We are one of the pioneers in Pakistan regarding development of solar energy technology in its various feasible formats. We aim to manufacture solar cells in Pakistan - - Due to economical cost and available raw material in Pakistan, we have chosen CIGS, third generation, thin film solar cell for this purpose. All the interested parties are most welcome to collaborate in this regard. We also have launched test projects for Solar Thermal System in Lahore, Pakistan. Our focus is on Solar Thermal Parabolic Trough design which is most efficientYour Best source to Buy Power Generation Equipment in Pakistan - - Diesel Generators, Gas Generators, HFO Generators, Steam Turbines, Boilers, Solar PV System & Solar Thermal System - - All kVA and kW ratings covered related to diesel generator, gas generator, HFO Generator, Steam Turbine and Solar System - - Sale, Purchase, Exchange, Repairing, Overhauling, Annual Maintenance Contract, Diesel to Gas Conversion, Diesel plus Gas Dual Fuel Kit, Supply of Parts and all other Services related to diesel generators, gas generators, Steam Turbines and other equipment, are provided in Lahore, karachi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Multan, Peshawar, Sialkot and all other major cities of Pakistan - - Brand New Imported Diesel Generators: Lester 15 kVA to 30 kVA, Perkins 41 kVA to 150 kVA and Cummins 33 kVA to 500 kVA with Stamford, Leroy Somer and Marathon Alternator - - Brand New Imported Gas Generator: Kohler USA in 12 kVA and 18 kVA ratings - - Refurbished, Up-Graded and OverHauled Generators - - Diesel Generators ranging from 10 kVA to 550 kVA and Gas Generators ranging from 10 kVA to 150 kVA - - Used Generators of all ratings - -
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The range, arrangement, sizes and natures of steam turbines are unlimited.

A Particular industry may need a customized type and size of turbine that is completely unacceptable for all other industries.


Nature of Usage:

First of all the use of steam turbine has to be identified. An industry may need a steam turbine for:

- Simple Power Generation

- Power Generation along with back pressure steam

- Power Generation along with steam from boiler

- Driving force for rotating machines

- Driving force for pumps & conveyors




We Provide:

A Steam turbine coupled with alternator is called TURBO-GENERATOR.


For simple power generation, we provide High Pressure Condensing Turbo-Generators where the steam is entered in to turbine through boiler and the exhaust steam from turbine is completely condensed to be fed back in to feed water tank of the boiler.


For power generation along with back pressure steam, we provide Non-Condensing High Pressure & Low Pressure Turbo-Generators where the exhaust steam from steam turbine is sent to the processing line of the factory. This steam is either utilized completely in industry or is condensed through processing and then sent back to the feed water tank.


For power generation along with steam from boiler, we provide Low Pressure Condensing Turbo-Generators where the steam from boiler is fed both in to steam turbine and towards inhouse steam requirements.


For driving power of rotating machines, pumps, conveyors, etc., we provide High Pressure & Low Pressure Steam Turbines without alternator units. These turbines are mostly condensing type.



Size Range:

Once the required job through a steam turbine in an industry has been defined, the size of steam turbine has to be calculated.

We provide steam turbine plants ranging from 500 horse power to 15000 horse power.

Talking in terms of Electric power, our range consists of 500 kW to 12 MW energy.


More Than Just Turbines:

We can offer much more than just turbines. Right from the planning phase, we will work with the architect/ engineer and consultants commissioned by you, as well as the regulatory authorities, to coordinate the design of the machinery, space requirements and integration of used imported turbines in your plant.


We are flexible.....

Our scope of supply includes not only the turbine, but also the gearbox, the pump, compressor or generator, condenser, monitoring and control panel. This brings you the advantage of minimum coordination costs and an optimized installation.

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Power Plant Layout


1- Fuel Stock
2- Fuel Conveyor
3- Pulverizer
4- Fuel Burner
5- Boiler Furnace
6- Boiler Tubing
7- Cyclones
8- ID Fans
9- Stack
10- PLC Room
11- Steam Turbine
12- Project Piping
13- Condensor
14- Cooling Tower
15- Others
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